Our vision for Eurostar Engineering Plastics

Eurostar Engineering Plastics is the reference company for formulation of environmental friendly, flame retardant technical polyamides. It has also the capability to process a wide range of resins to offer plastics solutions with any technical effect.

Each employee of the company is having safety, environment respect and integrity embedded into his own values. These are conditions of employment at Eurostar Engineering Plastics.

We have validated processes that make our technology robust and reliable for the benefit of our customers and shareholders.


Integrated Management System (IMS), ISO9001 – ISO14001 – OSHAS18001

Quality Oriented. Manage business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society

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Eurostar-EP  Sustainable Development report @ United Nations

Global Compact UN


Ecovadis delivers GOLD “CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY” Scorecards to Eurostar-EP

EUROSTAR ENGINEERING PLASTICS has been identified as best in class regarding Social Responsibility Management. 2016 Scorecard rating from ECOVADIS is improving again this year to reach 73/100



Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the continuing commitment to behave responsibly by integrating social and environmental concerns into business operations. CSR goes beyond regulatory compliance to focus on how companies manage their economic, social, and environmental impacts, as well as their relationships with stakeholders (e.g. employees, suppliers, government).


The EcoVadis methodology framework assesses the policies and measures put in place as well as the reporting published by companies with regards to environmental, labor practices & human rights, fair business practices and sustainable procurement issues. The assessment conducted by CSR experts is made on the basis of the company answers to a survey which is dynamically adapted to their country, sector and size, on the basis of supporting documentation, and on public and stakeholder (NGOs, trade unions, press) information.


EcoVadis operates the 1st collaborative platform allowing companies to assess the environmental and social performance of their suppliers on a global basis. EcoVadis combines technology and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) expertise to deliver simple and reliable supplier scorecards, covering 150 purchasing categories and 21 CSR criteria