Continued miniaturization of Electronic & Electrical systems has resulted in a dramatic increase of the amount of heat generated that needs to be dissipated in order to maintain application reliability. As such, the need for materials providing an optimum level of thermal management is of primary importance in many applications such as E&E systems, LED device, Automotive Under the Hood Automotive Applications, Cooling Systems, Heat Exchangers, Motors, Battery Housing, Heat Exchanger etc…. In most of the cases, assuming heat sink is well designed and convection limited situation, TC values above  1 W/mK are already enough to ensure proper cooling and optimum thermal management. In order to respond to the market needs, Eurostar EP offers a broad portfolio of Thermally Conductive Plastics (Star T) based on a combination of various additives such as mineral and /or metal oxide fillers. These compounds have been designed in order to offer multiple advantages vs. metal: lower manufacturing cost , freedom of design, corrosion resistance, weight reduction.

We can highlight three new products with key technical differentiators:

Eurostar EP has launched a new range of Thermally Conductive, Electrally Insulative Plastics based on Polyamide and specific mineral fillers.

Star T PA6 65E12 and Star T PA6 75E12 are new grades formulated with specific mineral fillers in order to reach optimum Through-Plane (respectively 0.9 & 1.5 W/m.K) and In-Plane  (1.4 & 2.3 W/m.K) thermal conductivities.

These polyamide compounds offer the following advantages:

  • Best-in class Through-Plane Thermal conductivity (1 – 2 W/m.K)
  • Electrical Insulation
  • Outstanding Mechanical Properties (vs. Boron Nitride)
  • Cost Efficient Solution (vs. Boron Nitride)
  • Good Processing Behavior
  • Low Abrasiveness  (vs. Ceramics such as Aluminum Oxide)


Starflam PA66C10VZ23 is the right choice whenever Flame Retardancy is needed. This grade owns an UL Certification, offering UL94 V0 as well as satisfactory RTI ratings. Its average thermal conductivity is around 1 W/m.K.



New Thermally conductive Plastics with Enhanced Haptics based on combination of metallic powders.

Recently Eurostar EP broadens its range of Metal Powder Filled Polyamide Compounds. They offer solutions whenever high density, freedom of design, increased thermal conductivity is needed. These grades also show excellent processability enabling molding of complex design. As shown in table 1, some of these grades have been optimized in order to offer high mechanical property profile. For instance Staramide PA6 1565VE10 shows unique combination of rigidity and impact performances

Table 1 : Typical Properties of Eurostar EP Metal Filled Polyamide Compounds



These Thermally Conductive Compounds can offer “metal-like cool touch”.  As a matter of fact they can improve the feel of plastics in to match the touch of a surface to its look. Morever these compounds are particularly well suited for specific part decoration such as electrostatic paintings, electroplating in order to provide visual aspect of metal.

Photo : Exemple Staramide PA6 80E10 (virgin (left), silver (mid), gold (right)) .


Typical applications: cosmetics packaging (flasks and lids), luxury industry (jewels, pens..) automotive dashboard, appliances knobs etc…