Photovoltaic 2 Automatic circuit breaker, on a white background. water pump is yellow on a white background LED light bulb isolated on a white background Automatic circuit breaker, isolated on a white background.  

A unique know-how designed to serve an identified end market

Eurostar Engineering Plastics develops and delivers engineering thermoplastic resins solutions to serve all market segments. The company recognition comes also from its unique know-how in the development and commercialization of halogen free flame retardant polymers. The company develops specific plastic solutions to meet customer needs while capitalizing on reactivity and flexibility

Base resin properties are often not good enough to meet specific requirements for technical parts. Eurostar Engineering Plastics adds fillers and effects to base resin to get high end products, these resins can then compete on technical properties with: metal, wood, mineral, and are more easily molded than standard thermoplastics.

Eurostar Engineering Plastics creates effects or improves base resin properties to get homogeneous and unique material designed to serve a specific targeted application.

Eurostar-Engineering Plastics Products are also manufactured in India, China and the USA

Quality Oriented, Manage business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society


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