47 Years History

 1972 – Creation of Eurostar

Fosses is one of the first independent French manufacturing sites dedicated to glass fiber reinforced polyamide manufacturing. One of the founder’s shareholders is the Owens Corning Company that stayed into the capital for more than 10 years.

 1983 – Buy Eurostar by Ferro;  the company becomes Ferro-Eurostar

While still mainly acting in France, Ferro brings resources that increase Eurostar production capacities and implements a mature industrial organization.

Starflam® brand name starts having an European expansion.

L’entreprise devient Ferro-Eurostar

 1995 – Buy out of Ferro-Eurostar by LNP: the company becomes LNP-Eurostar

Lnp time 3


LNP is an American Company specialized in compounding that was created in 1948. At that time, it was owned by the Kawasaki Steel Company.

Ferro’s decision to sell the business is driven by a new company policy orientation that focuses on the historical company skills in Europe (pigments).

LNP is one of the global players in highly valued compounds. The sell of Eurostar is an opportunity that the company takes with no hesitation in order to extend its product range with the addition of polyamide and polypropylene compounds.

It also brings to Eurostar an access to a new customer’s portfolio and increases the site capabilities to develop engineering compounds. LNP elevates the site quality standards and implements a culture of quality.

 2002 – Buy out of LNP by GE Plastics


GE Plastics

Following up its buy out by the Nippon Steel Company, Kawasaki Steel focuses its activity on steel manufacturing.

GE Pastics makes a strategic investment to position itself on the engineering plastics market one of the product gap at that time whereas the growth potential is high.

LNP becomes part of a conglomerate which global strength is not argued.

GE opens to LNP R&D capabilities that lead to designing and launching the Starflam® Xgen platform, developed and manufactured at Fosses. GE brings to Eurostar a strong culture of risk management and process control and monitoring at each level of the company processes.

 2007 – Buy out of GE Plastics by SABIC




This new business unit adds up to SABIC traditional business units. It becomes SABIC Innovative Plastics.

 2010 – Managers Buy Out, company becomes

3 quais !



2011 –   INDIA

Partnership with FPL, to manufacture and promote Starflam® in INDIA


2013 – China

Partnership with local compounder located in Shanghai area, Starflam® and Staramide® products are manufactured in China for domestic market.

Compounder China


2014 – USA

Manufacturing and Sales agreement for Starflam® with AMCO Polymers



2017 Eurostar Engineering Plastics belongs 100% to Gazechim Group