Eurostar Engineering Plastics. “The halogen-free concept is now being reconsidered by some E&E players and aligned for new developments towards a new European standard, EN50642,” says Technology Manager Alexis Chopin. This specifies a method for the determination of the content of halogens in Cable Management System (CMS) components or products made of polymeric materials. It sets the levels for bromine and chlorine at under 0.15%, and fluorine and iodine at under 0.3%; while the sum of all four must be no more than 0.4%. “Eurostar Engineering Plastics took this opportunity to develop a new range of HFFR and PTFE-free self-lubricated compounds that equals or outperforms PTFE lubricated formulations,” Chopin says. The company’s new Starflam grades were co-developed with CETIM (a French technological institute of mechanics). Wear resistance properties and friction coefficients of grades modified with polymeric lubricants comply with the new requirements and have a V-0 or GWFI 960°C performance level. Two grades, Starflam PA66 30V D271 and Starflam PA66 25V D272, are commercially available