Compounding World April 2019

As part of its Star L product line, Eurostar
Engineering Plastics has co-developed with
CETIM (the technology institute of mechanics
based at Senlis in France ) a number of selflubricated
PPS grades for highly demanding
applications. These have been benchmarked
against a best-in-class semi-finished self-lubricated
PPS grade for bearing applications using a
Cameron Plint tribometer and procedures
described in ASTM G-133.
The Star L PPS D93F compound contains aramid
fibre and PTFE; the Star L PPS 30Y D51F also
contains PTFE but is reinforced with carbon fibre.
Both are said to have shown a wear rate to the limit
of measurable value of the tribometer. “These
grades found application for bearing running at
elevated temperatures. They were also found to be
very insensitive to moisture,” says Alexis Chopin,
Head of Technology at the company