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Becoming Ascend Performance Materials

Eurostar has joined Ascend Performance Materials, the largest integrated producer of PA66 resin. With Ascend our world-class engineering plastics will be made globally.

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PEOPLE are central to Eurostar-EP growth strategies

Eurostar Engineering Plastics is committed into a continuous improvement process backed on its Code of Business Ethics

Our Vision

Global Offer, Starflam manufactured in:

FRANCE (Fosses 95)
CHINA (Jiangsu)
INDIA (Chennai)
USA (Murfreesboro, TN)

Ascend purchases Eurostar Engineering Plastics

Ascend purchases Eurostar Engineering Plastics   Acquisition will expand Ascend’s flame-retardant portfolio…

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Starflam to replace thermoset


High Density Products: Performances driven


thermally conductive compouds

PART 1: Continued miniaturization of Electronic & Electrical systems has resulted in…

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Involvement into UNO Sustainable Development Goals


Starflam RF0068E certified HL3 according to R22/R23 requisite of EN45545

STARFLAM® Halogen-Free Flame Retardant Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide. Starflam RF0068E is a…

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New Environmentally Friendly PLASTICIZED POLYAMIDES


new Starflam Halogen Free Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyamide, NO Flame GWIT value of 800°C

Starflam compounds have been used for decades in many E&E applications requiring…

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Eurostar-EP repositionne sa gamme de produits Star-L à base de PTFE pour être en accord avec la nouvelle réglementation REACH.

Eurostar-EP repositionne sa gamme de produits Star-L selon deux axes : une…

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What we believe in

“ Each employee of the company is having safety, environment respect and integrity embedded into his own values. These are conditions of employment at Eurostar Engineering Plastics. ” - Laurent Perra, CEO

Our values

ISO 9001-ISO14001-OSHAS18001