Management policy

Eurostar Engineering Plastics is committed into a continuous improvement process backed on its Code of Business Ethics based on 6 principles:

Human Rights Observance

Health and Safety Observance

Environment Observance

Professional Commitment

Interactions with Stakeholders

Regulatory Compliance



Eurostar Engineering Plastics growth is resting upon highly strategic valued plastics solutions industrialized for its customers together with fair, documented and fast answers to any incentive it is subject to.

PEOPLE are central to Eurostar Engineering Plastics growth strategies. The Company pays special attention to:

Its Employees fulfillment thanks to trustful relationships and by giving room to individuals initiatives within jobs missions thanks to continuous maintenance of high technical skills

Its compounds Users by providing robust, lasting and fair solutions to their materials issues while securing continuity of supply and documenting materials utilization safety

Its Shareholders durability thanks to its profitability improvement strategy

Its Neighbors and Land security by decreasing its environmental footprint and by being involved into local association and economic dynamics.

This ambitious policy is supported by:

An 11 process driven management system ;

A Quality/Safety/Environment Manager in charge of the Management System management ;

A data driven dashboard as the tool for process improvements ;

The Management Comity as owner of the Key Process Indicators and decision maker of improvement actions.

2015 management objectives are:

Increase the Company revenue;

Reduce employees exposure to industrial hygiene issues;

Proceed with the Corporate Social Responsibility approach;

Have a close monitoring of inventories;

Improve Customers satisfaction;

Decrease power utilization.

I fully support the implementation of this Policy. I trust in all Eurostar Engineering Plastics employees’ commitment to its implementation.



Laurent Perra – Président