Starflam High Performance Halogen Free Polyamides

UL component plastics

Starflam ECO-FR polyamides

Manufactures by Eurostar Engineering Plastics available in both reinforced and unreinforced grades, have been formulated to provide a wide range of properties such as high impact, tight tolerances, elongation and high modulus while providing flame retardancy such as UL94 V-2 to V-0 down to 0.4 mm and 5VB – 5VA, UL746C up to class f1.

Many offer exceptional surface finish; all are easy molding with possible laser markability. Starflam grades are covered by more than one hundred UL yellow cards.


Automatic circuit breaker, isolated on a white background. Automatic circuit breaker, on a white background.

These advanced Starflam compounds are made without halogen or red phosphorus and combine superb flame resistance performance with good mechanical properties (stiffness, strength, toughness, impact), electrical properties (tracking resistance), colorability and low density. In addition, all grades provide the following performance values :

Complete UL yellow cards, in all colors : 120 UL yellow cards
Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) up to 600 volts
Relative Temperature Index (RTI) of 120°C and up to 150°C
WEEE compliance with no need to sort
RoHS compliance
Excellent ductility and low warpage
Easy processing
Laser markability



A proven track Record in Circuit Protection

From micro circuit breakers (MCB) to contactors, electrical arc shielding walls to connectors, Starflam ECO-FR compounds have a proven track record of providing cost-effective, reliable and environmentally sound flame retardancy in the electrical, electronic, industrial and automotive markets. These products are already used by some of the largest manufacturers of electrical equipments in Europe and the Pacific.


Arbre Starflam 1

XGEN PRODUCT : Flame, Electrical and outstanding mechanical performance combined

X Gen* Starflam* represents the best mechanical properties and highest electrical performance available from reinforced compounds made without halogen and red phosphorous, and they even exceed the RTI and CTI performance of traditional brominated and red-phosphorous PA’s. X Gen Starflam compounds exhibit a lower density than brominated and mineral FR PA’s, making them even more cost competitive.



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X Gen Starflam compounds exhibit a RTI value of 140°C, a comparative tracking index of 600V and a UL 94 V0 down to 0.8 – 0.4mm, all of which identify them as excellent material choices in circuit protection applications, connectors, motor starters and wiring devices.

X Gen* Starflam* compounds have proven themselves to have an excellent fit in applications that need to comply with the regulations for circuit breakers and circuit protection (IEC60947-2, IEC60947-4-1, IEC61008, IEC61009, UL508, UL489). They also have a strong fit in unattended appliances that need to comply with the IEC60335 and require GWIT of 775°C. Their non-migrating flame retardants result in almost no contact corrosion.

All the X Gen Starflam grades are fully UL listed in all colors. In addition, they can be laser markable, whether the need is for light on dark or dark on light. They have a good fit for applications requiring excellent dimensional stability, stiffness and impact performance.



Thanks to its unique combination of flame properties UL5VA, long term stability RTI 140°C, UL746C class f1

starflam RF0057E is a reference material in photovoltaic components (ie. junction box)

Photovoltaic 2 



X Gen* Starflam* compounds outstanding combination of toughness, colorability and resistance to flame and chemicals make them good candidate materials for bus and railway seating.

Leader manufacturer of seat systems for public transport and commercial motor vehicles chose X Gen Starflam compound for its bus and tram seats.

Railroad travel and railway tourism transportation industrial concept: scenic summer view of high speed passenger train on tracks with motion blur effect sieges train

The material also met or exceeded other requirements, including lightweight stiffness and material ductility, as well as good chemical resistance to aggressive cleaning agents. Another significant benefit is the high colorability of X Gen Starflam compounds, which offers the potential to circumvent costly painting processes.

Starflam RF0068E HL3 for R22 and HL3 for R23 of NF EN 45545

Starflam P10002E HL3 for R22 and HL3 for R23 of NF EN 45545

Starflam PF0047E DIN 5510


Appliances & Industrial

Glass-filled structural grades in the X Gen* Starflam* family offer good dimensional stability, strength and high-heat performance for appliance applications.

These materiasl have replaced cast aluminium in several applications, where they provide lighter weight solutions and the opportunity for more highly integrated parts. The excellent flow properties of Starflam compounds also enable the molding of thinner walls.

These properties offer the possibility to reduce costly assembly and tooling steps resulting in appliances with more interior space. The excellent colorability and chemical resistance of X Gen Starflam compounds also enable higher aesthetics. Thanks to a Glow Wire Ignition Temperature of 775°C, X Gen Starflam compounds are suitable for connectors, motor endcaps and other parts that need to comply with the IEC60335 regulation on unattended appliances.


Starflam RF0097P, PA66 45%GF  V0 5VA

To replace Thermoset

CTI 600V

GWT 960°c

RTI 150°C

Flexural Modulus 12 500 MPA


Laser Markeable




PA66 resins Cross-Linkable Solutions


To provide electrical device and connector manufacturers with a lower-cost alternative to traditional materials like thermosets or special high heat polymers, while delivering excellent short-term heat performance, Eurostar Engineering Plastics has announced new Starflam* specialty compounds. Starflam cross linkable solutions  are based on a technology that forms chemical bonds between the PA macromolecules under E-beam radiation. After irradiation the material is able to withstand exposure to temperatures decades higher than standard PA. Where a standard PA would melt or deform, Starflam cross linkable maintains its rigidity and mechanical integrity

High Heat Short Term

Partial insolubility

Partial infusibility

Improvement of dimensional stability in high temperature service conditions

Part integrity around melting point

Improved creep resistance at elevated T°





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UL component plastics

Starflam by Eurostar