Eurostar Engineering Plastics:  “ECR” Compounds

E2P has introduced “ECR” range, a family of thermoplastics compounds showing a reduced carbon footprint.

These green compounds are based on 100 % recycled reinforcing agents or renewable fillers and have been designed to meet stringent application requirements with no performance compromise versus traditional fillers, they offer as well a cost effective solution while meeting the demand of using environmental friendly and sustainable materials in end user applications.

ECR compounds contain at least 20 % of recycled reinforcing agent or recycled fillers including Glass Bead or Renewable Mineral Filler and are primarily available in PP and PA resins.

Although grades are commercially available, new compounds can be tailor made to meet specific customer requirements (including new resins, new reinforcing agent and mix thereof). toughness, tracking resistance and colorability.


Bamboo Fibers

A new series of Green Compound based on natural fiber has just been launched by Eurostar-E²P, Bamboo fibers have been selected due to their outstanding mechanical properties profile versus standard natural fibers.  Bamboo prodigious growth is not competing with food agriculture



Oyster Shell

Mineral Filled ECR compounds have been engineered in order to obtain the same performance vs. standard mineral fillers. They are based on Oyster Shell offering an unique source of renewable mineral fillers. This new family of environmentally friendly filler avoid the disadvantages of standard mining process such as natural resources depletion, high energy consumption. Futhermore they participate to landfill reduction by recycling.


OysterShell 30& 160 microns

Coquilles Huitre Plaquettes



aa Oyster shells provide reinforcement