As part of its Star L Productline, E2P is launching Star L POM DW1, a new POM Self-Lubricated Compound offering an unique value proposition compared to standard PTFE POM compounds.

TREND : For high-performance engineering components requiring good tribological properties, POM is widely used due to its properties such as low friction coefficient, excellent wear properties, good fatigue and creep resistance and exceptional dimensional stability.

NEED : Internal Lubrication is often needed especially for High Speed / High Load  / Long term Applications

CURRENT TECHNOLOGY LIMITATIONS : Mainly PTFE /Si : High PTFE loading required, Halogen Concern, Silicone Oil : Migration, Contamination. Detrimental Impact of PTFE on Density and Mechanical Properties


New Halogen Free Self-Lubricated POM based on a new modifier used at very low loading (1-4%)

Providing Tribological Better  Performance better than POM based on PTFE (10-20%)


« PTFE Free » Solid Lubricant (< 4%) to ensure :

  • Halogen Free Material
  • Better Wear Resistance than PTFE
  • Lower Coefficient of Friction vs. PTFE
  • Long Term Stable Coefficient of Friction
  • Lower Density  vs. Standard PTFE Compound
  • Limited effect on Compound mechanical and thermal properties
  • No Blooming or Migration such as for Low Mw Silicone
  • Excellent Processing aid (Release Agent / Low Mold Deposit)
  • Noise Reduction